Contact Forms in MessageDesk make it easy to collect contact information and grow your texting list 📱

The Contact Form is a webpage we've created for you that allows people to join your contacts list. This is great for generating new subscribers, leads or customers.

And, anytime an unknown contact texts your account we'll automatically reply for you and ask them to fill out our Contact Form. This way you never have an anonymous contact in your Rolodex 😄

It will look something like this:

The link will then send your contact to a form that looks like this

You can also manually send the form to contacts or groups by using the {{ Contact Form }} Tag as pictured below.

Create a Form

Forms are used to collect additional information from Contacts that you might not already have.

By default you will already have one form created for you. This will be labeled under the name "Contact Form." This is the form that is sent to anyone who texts you but doesn't already have a Contact in MessageDesk.

You can create additional forms to send out manually by navigating to Plugins -> Forms and selecting "New Form" in the top right.

Managing Your Forms

There are 4 tabs that will appear at the top of the Forms page when you are viewing the Form you would like to manage. This includes Fields, Messages, Submissions, and Preview:

Collect the Information You Need

When you are creating your form you can choose what fields you would like to include on the form.

Once saved, you can also add additional fields of your choosing such as Custom Fields that you have already created.

Learn more about adding Custom Fields to Forms here:

Viewing Submissions

On all of your Contact Forms there is a tab at the top labeled "Submissions." You can view all of the previous submissions of that particular Form.

You also have the ability to create a Group of the contacts who submitted the form by selecting "Create Group" in the top right.

Editing the Thank You Message

With every Form, there is a thank you message that is sent once it is submitted. You can view and edit the message that is sent under the "Messages" tab.

We recommend adding a Custom Field such as {{ FirstName }} to add a personal touch to the message.

Anonymous Contact Form:

You will find the Anonymous Contact Form settings in Plugins -> Forms -> Contact Form. By default, the form is automatically set to "active."

"Active" means we'll automatically send the Form Submit Message to unknown contacts when they text you and follow up with the Thank you text once they submit. By turning the form to "Inactive" you'll need to manually send the Form via the {{ ContactForm }} tag.

You'll also be able to edit the form messages here. The Contact form has two default messages:

The Form Submit Message:

The text message that gets sent automatically after your contact submits the form.

The Thank You Message:

The text message that gets sent once a form is submitted.

Both of these texts can be edited to your liking 😄 So feel free to personalize them.

Just go to Plugins > Forms > Contact Form.

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