The MessageDesk Inbox is where you manage all of your 1-on-1 inbound and outbound conversations between contacts.

Inbox Conversations - The Left Column

This is where you'll see all of your "Open" and "Closed" conversations with contacts.

You can use filters to narrow this view to conversations assigned to me, open conversations, or closed conversations.

An Orange dot means the conversation is "Open" or Active and the message has been read by you.

A Red Dot means the conversation is "Open" but the message has not been read or responded to by anyone on your team.

A conversation without a dot means the conversation is "Closed" or Inactive.

If you click the vertical 3 dots, you can mark a message as closed and the orange or red dot will disappear.

Sending a New Message

Click "New Message" to send a new message, then search and select an existing contact.


Add a new contact on-the-fly by clicking "New Contact".

Message Stream - The Middle Column

Clicking on a conversation opens the message stream in the middle panel.

This is where you'll compose your message, add templates, {{tags}}, emojis, media and schedule your text message.

Once your message is typed, you can either send it now...

Or schedule it for later!

Contact Details - The Right Column

View your contacts profile information in the right panel. You'll quickly see basic info and what groups or custom fields a contact is associated with.

To view a contact's full profile click "View Profile" in the top right-hand corner.

And that's it! Now you're ready to start sending text messages!

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