Custom fields are the number-one tool for segmenting and grouping your contacts.

Here are just a few examples of the types of custom fields you could create in your SnapDesk workspace:

  1. If you're a landscaper you could add custom fields to contacts, like "Scheduled Service Day" or perhaps "Gate Code".
  2. If you're a nonprofit you could add custom fields to doners, like "Last Donation" or "Event RSVP Confirmed".
  3. If you're a medical office you could add custom fields to patients, like "Last Office Visit" or "Next Scheduled Appointment".
  4. If you're an accounting or legal firm you could add custom fields to clients, like "Birthday" or "Document Due Date".

How to Create a Custom Field

You've got two ways to create custom fields in your SnapDesk workspace.

  1. Create a custom field from the Inbox, while viewing a contact's details.
  2. Go to Settings -> Custom Fields and add a new custom field.

Creating and Editing Custom Fields from the Inbox

Go the inbox and select an open conversation with a contact. On the right-hand side in the contact details panel, you'll see "Custom Fields" associated with that contact.

Inbox contact details and custom fields

Click on the "+" icon to add a new custom field. Click save when done.

Add a new custom custom field

Click on the "Edit" or pencil icon to edit the contact's custom fields. Click save when done.

Edit the entries for a custom field

Creating and Edit Custom Fields in Settings

Navigate to Settings -> Custom Fields

Settings -> Custom Fields

In Custom Fields click "Add Custom Fields" to create a new custom field

Add a new custom field in settings

Note: you have several different options for your custom fields.

  1. Select text to create your custom field as an open text field.
  2. Select number to create your custom field as a number only.
  3. Use select to create selectable options for your custom field.
  4. Use date to validate your custom field with a date entry.
  5. Use phone to validate your custom field as a phone number.

Click on three vertical dots at the right of an existing custom field to edit its name and description or delete it.

Edit an existing custom field

Once a new custom field is installed, SnapDesk will send you a notification.

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