A notification gets created each time you receive a new text message. MessageDesk can send this notification to you and your team in 3 different ways:

  1. In-app notifications / Desktop Notification (Only get notified when you're using the app)

  2. Email notifications (Get an email each time you receive a message and you're not currently logged in)

  3. Push Notifications (Get notifications on your mobile device each time you receive a new message

By default, all three of these notifications are turned on. If you wish to turn off notification simply go to settings -> notification settings and adjust them there.

Haven't gotten a text yet? Learn how to send your first text here.

How To Set Up Email Notifications

Email Text Notification

  1. Navigate to Notifications in the top right of your screen

  2. Click on View More + Manage Settings

  3. Click on "Inbound Text Messages" and deselect the checkbox

  4. You can adjust what email these notifications get sent to from this panel as well

Push Notifications

(Mobile App Users Only)

Push Notification trigger automatically for anyone who has downloaded our mobile app. Haven't downloaded it yet? Simply search for "MessageDesk" on your devices app store to find us!

Mobile Notification

Browser Notifications

If you want a less in-your-face-notification then simply turn on Desktop notifications for MessageDesk. This way, you only get notified of a new message when you have MessageDesk open in your browser.

To turn browser notifications on you'll need to enable them from your browser's settings.

We've compiled a list of how to do that for the most popular browsers below:

Enable for Chrome browser here.

Enable for Safari browser here.

Enable for Firefox browser here.

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