Here’s What’s New in MessageDesk

MessageDesk receives some minor upgrades that give you more flexibility with forms and help clean up your contact list.

Check out these NEW FEATURES:

  • Contact Merging - Merge and delete contacts to clean up your contacts list.

  • Custom fields in Forms - MessageDesks now allows you to use custom fields as an option in your forms.

  • New Multi-select Feature - open, close and edit multiple conversations with one click.

Contact Merging & Contact Deduplication

We’ve added a new way to merge and deduplicate contacts in MessageDesk. Use the new deduplication feature in Settings to identify and merge duplicates based on name, phone number, and email address. Use the deduplication tool to merge specific fields into an existing contact or keep the contact as is.

Custom Fields as Form Fields

We’ve added more powerful contact form features with the ability to include custom fields. This is great for getting information from first time customers or verifying information with existing ones.

A New Look for Inbox

Managing conversations in the inbox gets easier with new added filters. Filter messages to view open, closed, responded-to and assigned conversations. Use other additional filters to view conversations owned by anyone in your organization. Use the new multi-select to close all conversations.

Need a Hand?

MessageDesk is chocked full of features, if you need a hand getting to know your workspace or need help setting it up feel free to schedule a demo conveniently from the dashboard.

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