Here’s What’s New in MessageDesk

MessageDesk gets its largest customer-focused update ever! Everything in-app gets a new look and feel.

Check out these NEW FEATURES in MessageDesk:

  • MMS Picture Messaging - MessageDesk now allows you to send and receive images, gifs, videos, and more.

  • MessageDesk Payments - Create invoices and collect payments with MessageDesk text payments.

  • Customizable Forms - collect contact information from unknown contacts via text

  • High-Volume Text Messaging - You can now register for access to high-volume SMS

MMS Picture Messaging

MMS stands for multimedia messaging service. That’s just a fancy way of saying that you can now send and receive images, videos, gifs, and audio recordings in MessageDesk. Welcome to true conversational messaging!

As an existing MessageDesk user you may need to update your account to access MMS. To get started with MMS email for assistance

MessageDesk Payments

MessageDesk now integrates with Sphere Payment Solutions, a secure third-party payments processor. You can now create and send invoices to customers and contacts directly from the MessageDesk app.

To get started you'll need to go to Plugins -> Payments and then create a merchant account with Sphere.

Customizable Forms

In the last update, we launched our anonymous contact form. After listening to feedback, we’ve added more customization options for form fields. You’ve also got multiple ways to send the form to contacts and customers.

1. As a tag in a text message

2. As an embeddable form for your website

All submissions automatically update, add to and segment your MessageDesk contacts.

High-Volume Text Messaging

You can now register for access to high-volume text messaging. Normal text messaging allows you to send one message per second. High volume text messaging (A2P 10DLC) allows you to send up to 10 text messages per second.

MessageDesk now makes it easy to register for access to this high-volume messaging at the carrier level.

*Registration requires a one-time fee of $9

New Look and Feel

If you haven’t already heard, SnapDesk is now MessageDesk! With this change comes an upgraded in-app experience. This upgrade includes new colors and typefaces, but it also includes a dashboard and navigation design change.

“Dashboard” is now “Home”. Here you’ll find links to relevant support articles and how-to videos for using MessageDesk. We walk you through everything you need to from sending and receiving messages in the Inbox to setting up Autoresponders and Contact Forms.

General Improvements

As always, we include tweaks and updates across our app with every new feature release. Feel free to let us know your thoughts.

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