Promotional campaigns are a great way to drive awareness and grow your customer base.

But do you know what's not great?

Sending promotions in an email. Because emails get ignored.

In fact, you probably have a ton of promotional emails tucked away in your inbox right now with no intention of ever giving the the light of day.

So why are you still sending promotions via emails when you could share your promotion via text message?

In this article I'll breakdown how to send a promotion in MessageDesk, how to craft a promotional campaign and ways to grow your texting list.

Make sure to read our guide on TCPA compliance to learn the difference between promotional and conversational messaging

Texting a Promotion in MessageDesk

Broadcasts allow you to message many people privately at once. Making it a great way to share promotions with current, past and future customers.

In MessageDesk all you'll need is a group of contacts, a promotion worth sharing and a message to send. From here it's a one step process to send that message to your contact list ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️

Creating a Promotion For Your Business

Now that you know how to send the promotion you're probably wondering how to get started.

First thing to do is craft a promotion that you might send over text.

here are a bunch of text promotion examples that you could use. You can find more free templates on our website here.

Example Promotional campaigns:

Customer Appreciation:

Hey {{ FirstName }}, thanks for being a great customer! To say thanks, here's a coupon for 15% off your next order [offer]

Redeem Discount

Show this text for 20% off your next combo order! Expires 3/25. - {{ OrganizationName }}

Sale or Promotion

Hi {{ FirstName }}, don’t miss our huge sale on [ item ]! Everything is up to 20% off, but you only have until 3/25 to shop! For more info, visit [ link ]

How to Grow Your Texting List

Now that your promotion is ready to go - you'll need a list of contacts to send it to. So how exactly do you get this list?

That's where MessageDesk Autoresponders and Forms come in. You can start generating new contacts by promoting a keyword on your website or storefront.

Something like "Text DISCOUNT to ###-###-#### for our weekly special offer"

By this up as an Autoresponder in MessageDesk you'll be able to automatically reply to anyone who texts "DISCOUNT" (or any keyword of your choice). From here, the contact will get added to a group that you can later send promotional texts messages to.

Check out 3 More Tips for Growing Your Texting List Here

Better yet, as people text in you'll probably want to learn more about them then just a phone number - things like name and email.

This is where Contact Forms come in. Anytime an unknown contact messages you we'll automatically send them to a website form. Here they'll be able to update their first name, last name and email.

Other Tips & Tricks

Now that you're well equipped to create your first text messaging promotion your ready to get started in MessageDesk.

But if you still want more here's a bunch of other resources so you can grow your texting strategy.

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