Autoresponders are a powerful text automation tool and when combined with your Contact Form they make it easy for your contact list to grow without much effort on your part.

Not sure what an Autoresponder is? Learn more about MessageDesk Autoresponders here.

With an Autoresponder you can create "Text-to" campaigns - or campaigns that get kicked off when a contact messages you with a Keyword.

Keywords might be "Subscribe" or "Join" or "Redeem" for example.

Problem is, if all these random numbers start messaging you - how do you know who any of them are?

That's where Contact Forms come in.

By default, MessageDesk will automatically send unknown contacts a link to your Contact Form. Here, contacts can fill out their First Name, Last Name and Email address.

Making it extremely easy to craft a marketing campaign over text. With one Keyword response you'll gather a bunch of information from your contacts that you can later use in email marketing, text marketing or general promotions.

What the Contact Form Looks Like

To manage your Contact Form simply navigate to Plugins -> Contact Form. Here you'll be able to toggle the automated form messages on and off, edit the message and view submissions.

image.png (890×902)

Setting Up The Autoresponder

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