Don't know who's texting your business?

Most of the time, business owners and operators only have a phone number when they are texting with a prospective customer. Usually the text message starts off with the customer saying:

"Hey, are you guys still offering xyz?"

Initially this is great - prospective clients are asking about your services. But at scale it's not very effective to only have phone numbers.

I mean, who are these people?

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That's where Contact Forms come in.

By default, the Contact Form gets sent automatically to any unknown contact when they first text you.

Meaning you no longer have to deal with just phone numbers.

Instead, the Contact Form will let the contact update their first name, last name and email address. You can then use this information for email marketing, text campaigns or just update your Rolodex with it.

How It Works

When you receive a message from a new contact with no information but a phone number, the Contact Form is triggered.

They'll receive an initial "Form Submit Message" that asks them to fill out the Contact Form ⬇️

Once the Form is submitted we'll automatically send them a "Thank You" message.

Both of these texts can get edited from within Plugins -> Contact Form. This is also where you can turn the automated form messages on and off.

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