Here’s What’s New in MessageDesk

In this MessageDesk update, we’ve focused on improving the group messaging experience. This includes improved message deliverability and reliability. We’ve also added some basic reporting that explains why a message might fail to deliver.

We've also delivered a handful of design improvements that makes it easier to compose, manage, and schedule messages.

Anonymous Contact Form

Anonymous contact form

We’re introducing a new way to collect customer information with our new Anonymous Contact Form. When an unknown number texts your MessageDesk phone number, you can set up your account to automatically send the contact a link to a contact form where they can enter their information. This information then syncs directly with their contact information in MessageDesk.

This feature isn’t just for new contacts. You can also send a link to any MessageDesk contact form using a tag when composing a text message.

Redesigned Broadcasts

We listened to feedback and made some major changes to the Broadcasts Module workflow. Our goal here was to make the process of sending a group text without "reply all" much easier.

Viewing sent broadcasts is an all-new experience. When viewing your sent broadcasts you’ll also see some additional message delivery information. We now show five tabs. Each tab indicates the overall delivery status of the last message sent.

Broadcasts information view

Other tabs show successful deliveries, failed phone numbers, contacts who opted-out, and contacts who don’t have phone numbers.

New Message Compose Box

We've updated the message compose box. The send button is now more prominent and all other additional messaging features are now located in the bottom left corner.

Redesigned Message Scheduling (Campaigns coming soon 📅)

We've updated the scheduling workflow. It's now easier to schedule a single message to go out on multiple dates and frequencies.

In the coming weeks, we'll expand this to allow users to schedule multiple messages across multiple dates. This upcoming feature will be called "Campaigns"

New Group Search + Create in Autoresponders & Broadcasts

Now when searching for groups while sending Broadcasts, you can quickly type-to-search, or simply enter a new name and hit [enter] to create a new group on the spot.

A New Message Provider

We’ve switched to a new messaging provider. This means increased reliability and more features. Stay tuned as we release new features like MMS in the coming weeks.

General Improvements

As always, we include tweaks and updates across our app with every new feature release. Feel free to let us know your thoughts.

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