Today, billing by the hour isn't so simple. How do you track text messages you've sent to your client and how do you know how much to bill for those?

With MessageDesk we make it easy to track conversations with clients with our easy conversation export tool.

Not to mention text message is the preferred communication channel for most clients. Their email inboxes are over crowded and they fear they'll miss an important email from you.

But 98% of text message get read in under one minute.

Making text messaging the best way to quickly ask clients for additional information or facilitate back-and-forth conversations.

Send Documents πŸ“„

The endless amount of documents that flow through a law office, accounting firm, or any office is astonishing.

Good thing is with MessageDesk you can attach any type of document to a text - pdf, png, video - from here clients can sign the document or save it for future reference.

Text messaging is the best solution when a client needs a document quickly or you need to make sure they see it as soon as possible.

An example text for sending documents could look like this:

Appointment Reminders πŸ“†

But the biggest benefit of text messaging for law offices is reducing appointment no-shows.

In a recent survey, 53% of people said they forgot to attend or cancel their appointment. Another 28% said they wrote down the wrong date or time, and 24% blamed traffic or work.

You can’t control traffic or work conflicts.

However, you can do something about the 81% of missed appointments due to forgetfulness or miscommunication.

With MessageDesk you can schedule reminder text messages to your clients on specific dates and times. Maybe it's a text with a Zoom link for a digital meeting or it contains the address for the meeting.

Either way, text messaging makes it easy to reduce the number of missed appointments for your practice.

Collect Reviews 🌟

Reviews of any kind can help you improve your business practices, but it can also drive more business to your firm.

Good Google reviews are vital to any local business. They improve your local search ranking, builds credibility, and gives you feedback on their experience.

Collecting reviews is easy with MessageDesk - simply schedule messages after appointments that have the link to your online reviews.

Here's what it might look like:

Interested in setting up MessageDesk for your practice? Feel free to set up a 1-on-1 meeting with our team here! We're happy to help you move forward.

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