Customer support becomes a lot easier when it's done over conversational messaging like texting.

It's also much easier to provide quality support to customers when it's done over text instead of the phone.


Simply put - you have way more time to respond when it's over text. This way you can craft quality responses that actually help your customers instead of being rushed over the phone or forcing someone to wait on hold.

Getting customers the answers they need quickly but with the added quality results in the best customer service scenario.

Happy customers = paying customers! 💰

Below, I go over 2 strategies for improving your customer support in MessageDesk.

Table of Contents:

1. Pre-Make Customer Support Templates

2. Automate Customer Service with Autoresponders

1. Pre-Make Customer Support Templates 📜

When it comes to customer support, you tend to get very similar questions every day.

That's why we built Templates.

Quickly drop in pre-made messages to any conversation without worrying about typos or missing commas.

Templates are one of the best tools to save time in MessageDesk. If you constantly feel like you are typing out the same text over and over, this feature is for you.

Below, I've listed a handful of customer support templates as examples. Feel free to steal them 😄

If you can't respond right away:

Hello from the team @ {{OrganizationName}}, we have received your request and will get you assistance as soon as we can! Thank you for your patience, if you need immediate assistance call {{OrganizationPhoneNumber}}.

Using templates to speed up responses on your FAQ type questions is always advised:

Yes, we do offer pickup! You can order online @ {{Website}}.

** {{Website}} is not a default tag, to enable this tag we created a custom field named "Website" with the web address in it **

For when contacts ask about your office hours:

We are open,
Monday-Friday: 9-5
Saturday: 10-2
Sunday: CLOSED
Come visit us soon!
- {{OrganizationName}}

When you need to make up for a mishap:

We appreciate your understanding when we fall short of your expectations. Here is a coupon for 10% off your next purchase when you use code [Coupon Code]! Thank you for your business - {{OrganizationName}}

2. Automate Customer Service with Autoresponders 📬

A vital tool for customer service with Autoresponders are chains. They allow for you to automate your first couple steps of the customer service journey.

Automation such as chains gets you more information than you would originally get so you can provide more accurate service.

Here's what it would look like in a Customer Service setting in a flow chart:

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