Here’s What’s New in MessageDesk

In the latest MessageDesk release we're announcing an upgrade to our pricing model, adding a new way to process payments, and making some general improvements to inbound text message notifications.

Pricing Upgrade ♾️

Earlier this week we announced a restructuring of our pricing model. We based this new pricing structure around "messages", not "credits". All users also get access to unlimited metered billing at just $0.04 per message. All one-time additional credit purchases are gone.

Here's what this pricing update means for existing users:

  1. Text message “credits” are now called “messages”.

  2. All current customers will retain access to ALL MessageDesk features, INCLUDING unlimited users, message scheduling, etc.

  3. All inbound text messages are still 100% free.

  4. Text messages will be limited to a max of 450 characters.

  5. Each subscription plan will now include a monthly allotment of free messages.

  6. If you ever run out of free monthly messages, then each message after that will only cost $0.04 on our metered messaging plan.

  7. If you send under 2000 total metered messages in a given month, then the charge for those messages will get added to your monthly or annual bill on your next billing date. Metered messages over 2000 will automatically bill at the time they are sent.

MessageDesk Payments 💳

We're introducing MessageDesk Payments. There's now a new way to collect payments via text message. With the MessageDesk Payments plugin, you can now create invoices directly in-app and facilitate payment collection - without connecting to an accounting data provider.

With MessageDesk Payments, QuickBooks Online, and Xero users, also have a cheaper way to facilitate transactions. Curious about these transaction rates and charges? Feel free to connect with sales or email

P.S. We'll continue adding functionality and features to this plugin. Our goal is to create a seamless "text to pay" solution for all users.

Improved Inbound Message Alerts 🔔

When receiving an incoming message, a green message banner will now appear in-app. Users can also expect an audible "ding" sound for all new, incoming text messages.

You'll now have a better way of knowing when to take action on new, inbound text messages.

More General Improvements

With every release, we include fixes and features that come directly from your feedback and thoughts. Have any suggestions? Feel free to reach out to us. We'd love to hear your thoughts.

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