Here’s What’s New in MessageDesk

For this round of MessageDesk updates, we focused on improving aspects of the overall user experience with several small updates to message scheduling, searching contacts, and updates to user invitations. Read on for all the details.

Custom Message Scheduling

We’ve expanded your message scheduling flexibility for daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly, biannually, and annual message sends.

You can now select multiple dates and times to send a message. This update gives you the most amount of freedom for reaching out to contacts on a custom, scheduled basis.

Select multiple dates to send a scheduled message.

Managing Groups Gets Easier

Now when you’re in the Inbox, a contact's profile will also display their group memberships for Static, Smart, and Autoresponder Groups.

You can now also use the vertical ellipsis to easily remove a contact from a group.

Removing a contact from an autoresponder group will now send an automatic autoresponder opt-out message to your contact.

Static, smart and autoresponder group membership in Inbox.

More Enhancements

  1. You can now view more search results by selecting “View More” when searching. This now returns an entire list with search results.

  2. We updated the user invitation process. The user registration page now gives additional users the option to add their own phone numbers for internal team messaging via MessageDesk.

  3. You can now attach media to an invoice. Send styled invoices, images, additional receipt PDFs, or anything else when sending an invoice message to your customers.

  4. The side navigation bar is now collapsable. Clicking the Menu Icon at the top left of your screen will now minimize your navigation, improving the viewing experience for users on smaller desktop screens.

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