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Every two weeks (or so) we try to release a new batch of features and updates that improve and build on the MessageDesk experience. In this late December update, we've got office hours autoresponders, iPhone contact import, and an improved .csv Import/Export experience. Read more for all the details!

Office Hours Autoresponders

This is a reallyyyyyy cool feature that many users have been asking for.

Office hours autoresponders give you a way to set your organization's "available" or "open" office hours for messaging purposes.

When a contact texts your MessageDesk workspace during "closed" or "unavailable" hours, they automatically get a text that could say something like this:

"Hey there! Thanks for texting us. We're currently away but we'll get back to you as soon as possible."

Import Contacts iOS and Android Phones with our Mobile App

Now you are able to import all your mobile phone contacts into MessageDesk. This way you can start texting existing contacts from a new phone number in the MessageDesk App.

Simply download our mobile app from your phone's app store then go to Contacts -> Add New Contacts -> then click on Import Phone Contacts

Updated CSV Upload Design

Hoorayyy! The CSV upload process just got easier!

Now, it will be easier than ever before to upload and update contacts in bulk. Quickly download our pre-formatted CSV template, upload it and then match all the corresponding fields.

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