Setting Up Your Autoresponder Text Campaign

An autoresponder is a type of text message campaign that gets triggered when a contact texts a certain keyword to your MessageDesk workspace.

How to Create a MessageDesk Autoresponder Text

  1. Navigate to the Autoresponders module

  2. Click New Autoresponder

  3. Name your Autoresponder

  4. Assign a group

  5. Enter a keyword

  6. Type your keyword response

  7. Enter an unsubscribe keyword

  8. Type your unsubscribe keyword response

1. Navigate to the Autoresponders Module in MessageDesk

2. Click the Green + New Autoresponder Button to Create a New Autoresponder

3. Give Your Autoresponder a Descriptive Name.

This is only for your own reference.

4. Select the group you'd like associated with this autoresponder.

When a contact texts your autoresponder keyword, they'll get added to a group.

5. Create a Keyword Trigger

Keywords trigger an autoresponse. When a contact texts your MessageDesk number with the given keyword, they'll automatically get a response.

6. Type Your Keyword Response

Use the message compose features to apply a template, emojis, tags, or even attach media. This is the response a contact will receive once they text your autoresponder keyword.

7. Create an Unsubscribe Keyword

When a contact texts this keyword, they'll automatically stop receiving messages from this keyword group.

8. Type Your Unsubscribe Keyword Response

This is the autoresponse a contact will receive once they text your unsubscribe keyword.

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