Autoresponders are automatic text messages triggered by keywords

Automated text messages are great for saving time and reaching a lot of people. You can now set up autoresponse text messages triggered by keywords in MessageDesk.

How Autoresponders Work

When a contact texts your MessageDesk phone number with the keyword, they automatically get a text message back.

Texting your keyword will also auto-assign that contact to a specific contact group associated with that keyword/autoresponder. This makes it easy to follow up and send more messages to contacts who have responded and opted-in to messaging related to your autoresponder campaign.

Ways You Can Use Autoresponders

Here are a few examples of how businesses and organizations use Autoresponders

  • Scheduling a new product announcement

  • Automatically sharing a new blog post or piece of content once it’s published

  • “Text Keyword To” automatic reply promo messages

  • Texting a link to donate or learn more about a nonprofit organization

  • Automatic “Happy Birthday” promotional rewards

  • Schedule meeting or Zoom conference follow-ups

  • Share product information or promotions and special offers

  • Send automated shopping cart reminders for e-commerce sales

  • Automatic sales receipt messages

  • New customer welcome messages

  • Automatic out of office, office closed, or revised office hours messages

  • Instant “Text-to-Pay” messages and payment reminders based on due dates

  • Automatic appointment reminders

  • Links to exit surveys, polls, and Google Reviews

Autoresponder Module Features

Currently, in the Autoresponders module, you can view all of your active autoresponders, their assigned groups, and the number of subscribers who have opted-in to message to each autoresponder.

In the left-hand column, you'll see all of your autoresponders. Click the vertical three dots to Go to Group (associated with the autoresponder), or to delete the autoresponder.

Clicking on an autoresponder to view its details will display its information including keyword, keyword message, the assigned group, number of subscribers, and when it was created.

How to Pause and Delete an Autoresponder

Click on an autoresponder to view its information. Once open, you'll see three options to edit, pause, and delete the autoresponder in the upper right-hand corner.

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