Here's what's new in MessageDesk this week:

Improved Media Sharing, Autoresponders, Spam Protection, and more.

📎 Media Attachments 📎

In our last update, we added a 📎 icon as a messaging option. This allowed you to upload and attach a PDF to MessageDesk and share then share the document as a link in a text message.

In this update, we've expanded those capabilities.

Now you can use media attachments to share images, files, and even video.

You can now start sharing the following file types:

  1. jpg

  2. png

  3. pdf

  4. gif

  5. txt

  6. csv

  7. mp4

  8. mov

  9. avi

Once you upload your media into MessageDesk, we automatically create a short link to the file using bitly. This saves characters and keeps your messages looking clean.

How to Share Media with Contacts

(What you see in MessageDesk)

(What your contact sees on their phone)

⚡ Autoresponders ⚡

Autoresponders are automatic text messages that get sent to recipients when they text a certain keyword to your MessageDesk number. Autoresponders work great for texting promotional offers, event RSVPs, holiday hours announcements, automated review collection, and more.

The Autoresponders module is still in beta, but you've got early access to all available features.

Autoresponder Examples

Special Offer

Thanks for texting in. We’ve got cool stuff headed your way. Here’s 10% off your next order to get you started. Use code 10PERCENT at checkout.

Thanks for Joining

Thanks for joining {{ OrganizationName }}’s VIP text list! Get $5 off your next purchase when you show this text to your server at checkout! Expires 3/25.

Thanks for Your Interest

Thanks for your interest in {{ OrganizationName }}! We’ve got more info on our website at {{ OrganizationWebsite }}. In the meantime, check out this explainer video on YouTube: [URL]

Event Updates

Hi, {{ FirstName }}! You’ve joined the event update text group. As a reminder, doors open at 3pm on Friday. For more info visit [LINK]. We can’t wait to see you!


Hey {{ FirstName }}! Please respond YES or NO to RSVP for this week’s live webinar. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Volunteer Opportunity

Hi, volunteers! Who’s interested in volunteering for our event? We’ll be helping {{ OrganizationName }} on 3/25 from 12-3pm. Respond back to RSVP and let us know if you’ll be joining us!

Reservation Confirmed

Your Reservation at {{ OrganizationName }} is confirmed for [TIME]. Call or text {{ OrganizationPhone }} for updates and more information.

Order Received

Thank you {{ FirstName }}, your order has been received! We will alert you when your order is ready for pick-up. Call or text {{ OrganizationPhone }} for updates and more information.

🚫 Spam Protection 🚫

No longer have random contacts created when they call or text your MessageDesk phone number. You can now navigate to settings and turn off "Automatic Contact Creation".

Other Goodies

  • Improved performance and message handling

  • Bug fixes for iOS App loading and navigation

  • Bug fixes for pop-ups that wouldn't let users scroll on small screens

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