Here's What's New

With our latest update, SnapDesk users are able to...

📎 Share documents via text message

❗️ Have more control over failed message deliveries

🚦 Better overall app performance and loading speeds

🚀 New integration with Xero

🔉 Improved handling of large group broadcasts

1. 📎 How to Share Documents with Contacts 📎

(What you see in SnapDesk)

(What your contact sees on their phone)

2. ❗️ Better Message Failure Handling ❗️

Now, when a message fails to send you get a notification that when clicked will bring you to the specific contact who didn't receive the message.

This had been a bug in our system for the last few releases and we are happy to finally resolve this for so many of you!

3. 🚦 Better Performance and Loading Speeds App wide 🚦

In this release we upgraded our app framework to allow for faster loading times and better overall reliability and performance in the app. You should now be experiencing much faster app behavior then before.

4. 🚀 New Integration: Xero Accounting Software 🚀

We've officially launched our Xero integration. If you use Xero for your business accounting then you can now plug SnapDesk in for invoice collection and customer outreach.

You can read the full breakdown here

5. 🔉 Improved handling of large group broadcasts 🔉

We've improved our Group Broadcasts functionality so you'll get more reliability when sending texts to groups of contacts.

This means:

  • No duplicated messages

  • Less dropped messages

  • More oversight on deliverability of your Broadcasts

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