This is MessageDesk on a mobile device. It's very similar to your desktop layout with a few exceptions.

You'll notice the dashboard is similar to what you see when you open MessageDesk on your desktop.

When clicking into the main modules of Inbox, Broadcasts, and Contacts instead of seeing all three panels at once, you have to click into them to view.

Inbox Module

As we navigate to the green Inbox module you'll see that it takes you to that first left panel of contact conversations you usually see on the desktop app.

Simply click into a contact to open up the message stream.

This is where you'll compose your message, add templates, {{tags}}, emojis, and schedule your text message. To view your contacts profile information just click 'Details' in the upper right-hand corner.

You can quickly see basic info and what groups or custom fields a contact is associated with.

To get out of this view, just click the back arrow in the upper left corner.

Broadcasts Module

Each Group Broadcast is sent as a 1-on-1 private message to each group member unlike your traditional text experience on your personal phone.

Here is the Group Broadcast view:

This is where you view all of your different groups. By default, we give you an "All Contacts" group but you can make more groups by clicking "New Broadcast"

Simply click into a group or create a New Broadcast to open up the message stream.

This is where you can type a new message to send to each of the group's members or view the results from your last group broadcasts.

To view more information about the group such as the name, description, and when it was created simply click 'Details' in the upper right corner. You can also attach tasks and documents to the group from this panel as well.

To get out of this view, just click the back arrow in the upper left corner.


Groups are the first level of organization in the Contacts module. In this view, you'll see all of your contacts segmented in various groups like "All Contacts".

You can add contacts at any time by clicking the "Add Contacts" button.

You can also create a new "Static Group" or a new "Smart Group". Here's an article explaining the difference between static and smart groups.

Clicking on a group will bring you into the list of contacts associated with that group. To see all of your contacts, click into the group 'All Contacts' or you can also quickly find contacts by using our global search.

Click the vertical 3 dots to quickly text or call a contact using your device's native call features.

Click on any contact to view their contact details.

By clicking 'Details' in the upper right corner you'll find tabs for Documents, Tasks, and Invoices.

To get out of this view, just click the back arrow in the upper left corner.

Note: Invoices will only display if your MessageDesk workspace is connected to an accounting data provider like QuickBooks Online or Xero.


A notification gets created each time you receive a new text message. Push notifications are on your mobile device each time you receive a new message.

By default, these notifications are turned on. If you wish to turn off notification simply go to settings -> notification settings and adjust them there.

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