Here are the top 5 things you need to know:

1. Navigation gets wayyyyy easier - no more tabs 🙏

Our MessageDesk Insiders group told us they hated the tabs, so we listened and got rid of them all. It's now easier to view contact information and take action on inbound text messages from one view. Read More

2. Contacts gets a new design

We've combined groups and contacts into one view. Start by viewing your contacts segmented into groups or use the full search to find contacts.

3. Creating pre-saved text message templates

Templates save you time and keep you from typing the same message over and over again. Learn how to create and edit them.

4. Broadcasts are the new "BCC" 1-way group texts without "reply all" 💬

Sending a group a message is now more intuitive with Broadcasts. Select a group and send a message - it's that easy. Read More

5. Get instant answers to questions with live, in-app chat, and full support article search 🙋

SnapDesk support

Getting support and answers to questions shouldn't take 20 clicks. Click "Help" to search in-app for support articles or start a live chat with the MessageDesk team for instant support.

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