Groups are the first level of organization in the Contacts module. In this view, you'll see all of your contacts segmented in various groups like "All Contacts".

You can add contacts at any time by clicking the "Add Contacts" button.

You can also create a new "Static Group" or a new "Smart Group". Here's an article explaining the difference between static and smart groups.

Clicking on the "add contacts" button lets you add individual contacts or import contacts from an existing CSV file.

Check out this article to learn how to import contacts with our CSV Import Tool.

You can also quickly find contacts by using our global search. Your contacts are shown as all of the groups you have, so to select a certain contact you must go into "All Contacts" at the top.

Contact Names - The Left Column

Clicking on a group will show you the list of contacts associated with that group in the left-hand column.

Click the vertical 3 dots to quickly text or call a contact using your device's native call features.

Click on any contact to view their contact details in the middle panel.

Contact Details - The Middle Column

In the middle panel, you'll see details associated with the contact including, name, address, email, custom fields, and more.

You can edit all of this information at any time by clicking on the "Edit Icon" at the right.

Contact Details - The Right Column

In the right-hand column, you'll find tabs for Documents, Tasks, and Invoices.

Documents allow you to upload and attach a document that contacts profile.

Tasks allow you to assign a simple to-do Task to the contact.

Invoices will display a list of invoices associated with that contact.

Note: invoices will only display if your MessageDesk workspace is connected to an accounting data provider like QuickBooks Online or Xero.

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