Text Messaging Solutions for Teams

With MessageDesk, you can invite as many team members to your account as you need. Team members can jump in and out of messages without disrupting your contacts.

No matter who sends the texts - every message comes from the same 10-digit phone number. This way your contacts have a single number to reach out to when they need something.

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Otherwise, keep reading to learn about our team-centric features.

Team Member Locator

When viewing the Inbox you will see if any other team members are currently viewing the same contact as you. This way you don't step on each other's toes.

Message Ownership

Assign messages to yourself so your team members don't interrupt your conversation

Then quickly filter your inbox so you only see messages assigned to you.

Anytime you jump into a conversation, you can see which team members sent each message as well.

Team Member Specific Notifications

Want to make sure a specific team member replies to a contact? Assign them a task so they get a notification

Screenshot from 2020-07-18 14-44-53

And get notified when a team member completes a task!

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MessageDesk brings the power of text messaging to teams. Empower your team to start scheduling messages, engaging with clients and scaling your outreach.

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