A key to business is staying on top of what needs to be done. With meetings, presentations, emails to be sent, etc. it can be easy to lose track of what needs to get done each day. Thankfully MessageDesk has you covered with the tasks module. From here there are a lot of great features to help you power through your day.

Quick Guide

  1. Tasks Overview

  2. Exploring the Tabs

Tasks Overview

Tasks let you stay on top of what needs to get done so you can be more productive. Their are two types of users that can create tasks: the admin, and managers. Both users can then assign the task to:

  • themselves

  • other users

  • a group

  • customers

  • or leave the task unassgined so that all users can view it

Check out these support articles to learn more about how to create, assign, and edit tasks and to learn more about what notifications will appear for tasks

Exploring the tabs

All of the additional tabs are visible only to the admin and any managers. Operators have a 'To Do' tab that will show all tasks assigned to them and all unassgined tasks.

All Tasks

The all tasks tab will display all of the tasks that have yet to be completed. Each task will display:

  • The task title

  • the description

  • who created it

  • when it was created

  • if it is assigned, who task is assigned to (if unassigned this is omitted)

Additionally their is the ability to filter through tasks, which can be done by:

  • Title

  • Creation Date

  • and by when it was Last Updated

All of these options can be chosen to either be ascending or descending, so that you can view the oldest tasks, newest tasks,and tasks that start first or last alphabetically.

To Do

The 'To Do' tab shows all tasks assigned to that user that have yet to be completed. Note that unassgined tasks will not show up here.


The contacts tab will show all of the tasks assigned to individual customers.


The Unassigned tab shows all of the tasks that are not assigned. These types of tasks will not be visible to operators.


The completed tab shows the completed tasks for all users. From here you can then delete tasks. While this is technically possible from any from any of the tabs it is best practice to mark it as completed so that an admin or manager can review it and decide whether or not the task has been successfully completed.

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