Smart groups make it easy to create large groups of contacts for messaging without having to add people one-by-one. This step-by-step tutorial will walk you through how to create your own Smart Groups:

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Before You Create a Smart Group:

Be sure to determine what type of Smart Group you want to create. You can group contacts based on:

  • Phone number (All contacts with same area code)

  • Name (All Johns and Janes)

  • Address (contacts with same state, city or zip code)

  • Company Name (contacts in the same company)

  • Invoices (Contacts with open or past due invoices)

  • Custom Fields (Group contacts based on custom fields you specify) [Read: How to Create custom Fields]

Creating a Smart Group

  1. Navigate to Contacts

  2. Click "New Smart Group" Button

  3. Name the Group

  4. Create Smart Group Rules

Click "New Smart Group"

Name the Group

Create Smart Group Rules

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